How WWE Champion Seth Rollins Helped The Golden State Warriors Win The NBA Finals

A couple of weeks ago, Monday Night RAW took place in Cleveland, Ohio, and WWE’s own Seth Rollins took to the ring to deliver an epic and flaming takedown of every Cleveland-based sports franchise, including giving Johnny “Football” Manziel (GIG ‘EM!) a very sophisticated insult of a name: Idiot Face. Clever Seth, REEEEAL clever….NOT!! Anyway, you can watch that clip above, as Seth also cruelly predicted that LeBron wasn’t going to bring the city an NBA Championship they’ve longed for.

Well, he certainly called it, huh?


Just a couple of days after RAW, the Golden State Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers, 105-97, to close the 2015 NBA FInals and win the NBA Championship, and it was THAT, SAME clip that helped get the Warriors hyped before the game. According to Sports Illustrated, Rollins’ promo was played in a pre-game film session. It’s fair to say that Golden State was already confident heading into Game 6 (ESPECIALLY after how Game 5 ended), but I’m a fan of wrestling and inspirationally sappy sports movies, so I’ll just say they did it for Seth.

Sorry, Cleveland. But to Cavs owner Dan Gilbert, the people who trashed LeBron James and the “fans” who burned his jerseys, NOT sorry.

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