Irritating PC Myth: “You Have to Turn Your Computer Off At Night”

Exhausted woman sleeping in front of computer

Here’s the truth everyone: shutting down your computer isn’t something you should regularly have to do; especially if your computer was manufactured in the last 10 years. Sure, you don’t want your computer running at full-power overnight, but putting it to sleep makes it use almost no power and your computer will be ready to go immediately when you turn it back on. If you’ve got a laptop, just closing the lid should put it to sleep; even powerful desktop PCs can utilize built-in and customizable low-power sleep and hibernate modes.


Most (if not an) of the modern computers can be set to automatically hibernate after a while while STILL using little to no power in this mode. Despite that, all your open applications and work will be ready to go once you sit down at your computer again. Enacting a full shutdown every night and restart the following day isn’t necessary and is a waste of time.  While you should occasionally reboot (especially after updates, patches, installs and uninstalls), you don’t need to shut down EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.


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