CloneApp Backs Up All Your (oft-neglected in fresh installs) Windows Program Settings!

CloneApp Backs Up All Your Windows Program Settings

Should you be migrating from one Windows PC to a new one or doing a clean install, your life (and time) is simpler when you move all your settings and tweaks along for that ride. However, if you don’t want to perform a full backup and restore, CloneApp WILL back up settings for Windows’ most popular programs, allowing you to restore them later. HOORAY!!

CloneApp is a portable program (meaning it doesn’t need to be installed; just right-click and launch as an administrator) that automates the process as it knows where each program stores its settings and registry keys, then backs them all up automatically without you having to keep track. the program supports roughly 119 Windows programs, and can detect which programs you have installed, and provides a section for manual backups so you can backup the settings and tweaks of programs it doesn’t natively support.

All you do is check the programs you want to back up, and click Start CloneApp, and it’ll take care of everything, then you can then copy the settings and registry keys to your new computer. To do so, just launch the program, and click Restore to put all your settings back where they belong. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

[Thnaks CloneApp & Ghacks]

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