Take a Stroll on the La Sallaz Footbridge in Switzerland…

© Roger Frei, Zurich
© Roger Frei, Zurich

This pedestrian bridge by 2b architectes, completed in 2012, is set between the Metro station and the Bois de Sauvabelin. The design team’s goal was to create a connection between the quadrangularly- constructed urban surroundings and the artificial natural landscape of le Vallon, as the bridge becomes a duality of the different geometries of its location. Depending on the perspective you interact with the structure, i. e. whether you’re crossing over the bridge as a pedestrian, or under it as a car driver, the bridges design showcases a criss-crossing of lines between the square and the street, shifting them together into a singular form. 

© 2b architectes, Lausanne
© 2b architectes, Lausanne

The bridge displays its dual role as a gateway into the city as well as a connecting element for slower foot traffic, the bridge had two complementary materials of wood and concrete. The interplay between these two material properties creates contrasting atmospheres in the experience of the bridge. The first is for the car drivers progressing along the street below, and the second are the pedestrians crossing the bridge above and over said car traffic.

Section © 2b architectes, Lausanne

Plan © 2b architectes, Lausanne

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