Shower Outdoors in the Waterfall House

The 'Waterfall House' Takes Showering Outdoors

In Sweden, there is a clause in planning laws allows residents to build a 270 square foot building (slightly smaller than a regulation basketball court key) on any existing residential property; even allowing eaves to extend out by five feet.  This tiny law has resulted in some creative and inventive new small house designs, including this concept that moves the shower outdoors. The small buildings are referred to as ‘Attefall houses’, after the politician who introduced the planning regulation.

The Waterfall House by Bornstein Lyckefors Arkitekter

Bornstein Lyckefors Arkitekter designed an Attefall house with an external shower, with water coming from part of the eaves that extends out, thus taking advantage of that loophole. It’s not that far of a stretch design-wise, as Swedish coastal houses commonly feature an outdoor shower anyway for people to rinse off salt water off their bodies.  The core of the house is essentially a open-plan designed, simplistic concrete box — that resembles a similarly-sized 40-foot shipping container — with the featured shower extending off of one side, while a covered patio area occupies the other.

The Waterfall House by Bornstein Lyckefors Arkitekter

[Thanks Dezeen]

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