See Captain America and The Hulk Throw Down in a Cancelled Marvel Fighting Game

Between this week’s and last week’s gaming-related posts, I’ve not come back down from my Avengers: Age of Ultron high, yet…

Why, back in my day, video game companies made superhero games for consoles ALL THE TIME; ESPECIALLY when there was a superhero movie coming out in theaters. It happened ALL THE TIME, SERIOUSLY! Well, back in that time, an EA Chicago studio was working on a fighting game featuring a slew of characters from Marvel’s House of Ideas, but it got cancelled. The video above provides a good look at what direction the game was going – despite the rough imagery – and is provided courtesy of PtoP Online, a YouTube channel specializing in digging up old video game prototypes while discussing and showing them to the world.  The video does a great job at giving a sense of the size and scope that EA Chicago was looking to implement and still looked pretty promising.

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