What Would an iPhone From 1985 Look Like?

Pierre Cerveau

Some of my fondest childhood memories involve booting up the Apple computers at my elementary school (and I’m talking early-1990s) to play Number Munchers, Oregon Trail, the Carmen SanDiego games, or make some pixel art in MacPaint. However, back in those days, Apple wasn’t into mobile devices yet (much like many other tech companies at the time), but artist Pierre Cerveau wanted to take a crack at the theory of what Apple’s very first smartphone might have looked like if it were made in the 1980s.

Pierre Cerveau

Of course, since it’s the 80’s, this device mockup includes our least favorite feature of old-school phones: the rotary click wheel. You can use the wheel to dial-up all the phone numbers that you once had locked in your memory banks (2XL, anyone?), or to scroll through menu options (a’la the original iPods) on the phone’s teeny-tiny CRT display. Yes, C-R-T display. Anyway, the phone’s rear shell includes back vents like the original Macintosh, and a large, 9-pin port, which ironically binds the bygone era of 80’s computing to the modern age. WHOA……

[Thanks Pierre Cerveau & Cult of Mac]

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