Ladies & Gentlemen, The Full-Sized LEGO Car!

Praise Jesus; THIS IS A THING!!! Raul Oaida built a full-sized car out of nearly 500,000 (that HALF-A-MILLION) LEGO pieces that actually FREAKING drives. The 256-cylinder engine is powered by compressed air and reached a top speed is 20 mph. Seriously, this is a stunning and clever achievement in technology, but my favorite things about this LEGO car is that 256-cylinder engine and that the car’s windshield is built out of two dozen tiny LEGO windshields.

From Oaida’s website:

The #SuperAwesomeMicroProject aka lego car is a fullsize car built out of lego with a lego engine that works on air and drives people around at speed. 40 people from around the world crowdfunding a kid in Romania via Twitter to build an eco-friendly car out of toy pieces.

Over a year later somewhere in Transylvania the doors to our workshop opened and out went a 500,000 piece contraption ready to be sent down the silk road all the way to Melbourne, Australia where it would make automotive history, a physical statement to what is possible in a connected world.

[Thanks devour]

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