We’re FINALLY Getting an Owen Hart DVD Collection!


At this point, WWE recent DVD retrospective have dug into almost every nook and cranny of the company’s deep history, including areas no-one expected them to go, such as the Ultimate Warrior, Randy Savage, Bret Hart, etc. There was the exception regarding WWE being very reluctant to showcase any footage of Owen Hart, likely from not wanting to remind anybody of his tragic passing under their watch during a live pay-per-view event and from settling a name and likeness compensation dispute with is widow Martha two years ago.  Well, prepared to be shocked as on May 7th (which would have been Owen’s 50th birthday), Wrestling DVD News has revealed that WWE is working on an full Owen Hart DVD/Blu-ray retrospective documentary project, and it’s being made with the support and backing of the main and extended Hart family, except from Martha Hart and her immediate family.


While it will be great to see Owen’s matches on Blu-ray, it still disappointing that the 16 years of litigation and acrimony between WWE and Owen Hart’s family is still ongoing. However, I’m very happy to finally see an Owen Hart collection, and if you’re so inclined, along with purchasing the collection upon its release, PLEASE consider donating to the Owen Hart Foundation to support funding hospitals, women’s shelters, scholarships and purchased homes for low-income families.


[Thanks Wrestling DVD]

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