Gamer Beats Mega Man X and X2 At The SAME TIME…with the SAME Controller!

I guess SOMEONE has to keep the ‘Mega Man’ love going; Capcom sure isn’t doing anything so far…

It common knowledge in the retro-gaming community that beating either Mega Man X or Mega Man X 2 is a satisfying, yet difficult feat. Now, beating them both classic games at once? Now THAT’S pretty freaking amazing. NOW, beating them both at once using the SAME CONTROLLER? Well that’s just plain insane; in the membrane, even. Well, that’s exactly what YouTuber Aura Puffs (via Reddit) seems to be, as he complete both games simultaneously using the same Super Nintendo controller, WHILE collecting all X upgrades in each level. Above is the full nearly three-hour run below, or if you want a Michael Bay-esque experience you can skip to the 2:43:15 mark to see the end bosses from both games explode at the same time.

Oh dear God…

I hope I didn’t give Bay anymore movie ideas…. 😦

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