At One Time, You Could Play These Classic Games in Twitter; YES, You Heard That Right…

Nope, I am NOT pulling your leg, joshing you nor fooling you. Before Twitter decided to play the role of Sir Buzz Killington, you could have headed straight to Twitter, and try to run through the original Prince of Persia and other MS-DOS games like the good ol’ days of PC gaming! But hey, you can still play these awesome classics over (like Maniac Mansion, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, Wolfenstein 3D, The Oregon Trail, etc.) at the Internet Archive!  For the time that it was up, the Internet Archive’s website-embeddable games were able to work directly in tweets when viewing them on the web or in native embeds.  This was pretty freaking nifty and next level when it was available, and if you REALLY think about it: these games used to often span MULTIPLE floppy discs, and if you remember what THOSE were, welcome to feeling old like myself…

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