This Garbage Can with a Vacuum Will Make Dustpans Obsolete

A Garbage Can With a Vacuum Just Made Dustpans Obsolete

In other words, the dustpans are gonna be like: “DEY TUK UR JERBS!!

Old South Park references aside, if you’ve got hard floors at home, you’re likely hesitant to clean them with a vacuum cleaner since you might accidentally scratch it all up (especially if you have fancy hardwood, that is), however having to bend-and-lean over to use a broom and dustpan is sometimes not comfortable nor time-conducive. If ANY of that’s the case, then the Bruno smart garbage can (because why can’t a garbage can be smart, ya’ elitists?) which includes an innovative built-in suction slot on the floor and push notifications to your phone is the device for you!

A Garbage Can With a Vacuum Just Made Dustpans Obsolete

The Bruno will not only take care of disposing of dust, dirt and food scraps from the floor right up into its bag, but its phone connectivity features allow the Bruno can notify you when it’s getting full, when it’s trash day, or when its built-in stash of replacement bags is running low. The can’s 18-volt rechargeable battery is promised to keep sucking up sweep-able floor messes for up to 30 full days between charges (most likely with limited daily use, so that makes sense).

A Garbage Can With a Vacuum Just Made Dustpans Obsolete

The question is, will those features persuade you to spend $140 on THIS garbage can? Well, Bruno’s creators took to Kickstarter to bring their creation to the public, and your $140 donation will help them raise the $50,000 they’ll need to go from functional prototype to a consumer-ready product. Delivery is estimated for this October, but Kickstarter delivery dates are often (at-best) optimistic. Who knows, it might be worth freeing yourself from that archaic dustpan…

[Thanks Kickstarter/BrunoGizmag]

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