While The Poolhouse MRT LOOKS Like it’s in the Hollywood Hills…

© Tim Van de Velde

….it’s actually in Belguim. No joke. You fell for it just like I did…

Anyway, the Poolhouse MRT, designed by Steven Vanderborre Architects, is located in a suburban area of Marke, 8510 Kortrijk, Belgium, which is dominated by the typical-styled villa, but the truth is that the existing building actually dates from the 1970s.  The interior of the existing house was made of unique concrete floors with wooden formwork, white painted brick walls and clear open spaces, while the extension of the house was designed to be a logical response to the existing house’s history and atmosphere.

© Tim Van de Velde

To improve the privacy, the firm designed and positioned a new courtyard with floating concrete walls.  Along the streetside, due to the slope on the terrain, a carport was incorporated under the same floating concrete wall and floor, while the floor above the carport is becomes a reflecting pond.  To incorporate two bedrooms, the entrance from the carport and a lounge, one of the new walls was duplicated, resulting in the creation of the necessary space.  The newly created courtyard that created the transition between indoors and outdoors is completely made of concrete, acting as a reference and tribute to Belgian architect Julien Lampens. Plus, every facade along the courtyard spaces are glazed doors, and due to the house’s embedded character, the unique climate (with no wind) and swimming pool, the courtyard spaces allows the residents to feel as if they are on vacation, but still in their own home!

© Tim Van de Velde

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