Here’s What ‘Alan Wake 2’ COULD Have Been…

Here’s the honest-to-God truth: I didn’t buy an Xbox 360 until 2010 (long after the RROD-prone CPUs were no longer used), and my personal killer app for the 360 was Alan Wake.  Sure, the system came with Forza 3 and Halo:ODST, but I REALLY wanted to play Alan Wake, and this day it’s one of my absolute favorite games (and is my favorite game on 360).  Polygon published a meaty article about the undoing and potential redoing of Alan Wake 2 (since we never got a sequel, yet the spin-off game  Alan Wake’s American Nightmare was pretty cool), as well as an extended clip of gameplay from an internal prototype Remedy made for the game five years ago.  Now that Remedy is shifting gears away from the near-complete Quantum Break on Xbox One, the developers told Polygon that Alan Wake 2 is back on the table, but it’s likely that it’ll be a different Alan Wake 2 than the one seen in that prototype video.

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