Now That’s a LARGE USB Flash Drive…

Now That's A Large USB Drive

Nowadays, you can get a tiny USB flash drive with large storage capacities in the 512 GB range. Or, you can say “SCREW THAT,” and check out this USB flash drive that’s large in physical size, but not so much in storage capacity. Computer enthusiast Christopher Parish modified a vintage 1970’s-era “DEC RL02” drive — which is roughly as large as your basic PC case — so he could connect it to modern PCs via USB. Technically speaking, this device could very well be the largest (and heaviest) USB storage device on the planet. Just so you know, that removable large platter in the picture can only hold roughly 10 MB of data, so if you want to play Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC, you’ll likely need about 6,650 of those. Check out Christopher Parish’s video from Hackaday, showing how his fun, “little” USB project works:

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