Wade Barrett’s Retirement Is Already The Best Swerve Of 2015

If there’s one thing — ONE THING — that I absolutely love about pro wrestling, it’s the swerves.  From Shawn Michaels turning on Marty Jannetty, Hulk Hogan turning on Randy Savage and WCW to form the nWo, Stephanie McMahon embracing Triple H to turn on her father, Mark Henry’s false retirement announcement that suckered us all, to a certain incident that recently took place at a TV taping for Ring of Honor in San Antonio. #HailSabin! The above video of the exchange between Wade Barrett and (Adrian) Neville in England certainly ranks up there from not just swerving on the brief instance of trust established between these wrestlers, but the swerving on the fans in attendance as well.

**For Reference**

During the WWE European Tour, Barrett took to the mic in Manchester to talk — well, some BAD NEWS — about how he has all of these leftover complications from his shoulder injury, so he wouldn’t return to active competition in the WWE after his contract is up. But he did provide some  hope, pointing to the amazing rising star (Adrian) Neville, as Barrett said that he believes that Neville could really and truly be one of the next great British wrestling superstars, as well as the first British WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Until, you know, (Adrian) Neville was given the ole face-to-elbow meeting with Barrett’s Bull Hammer.  I guess that was the real…BAD NEWS!

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