Behold, The MOST IRRITATING Game About Parenting…

This Game About Being A Parent Is The Most Irritating Game I've Played

We have games were you can be the classic hero\heroine, be a sports superstar, and even simulate life as a piece of bread that longs to be toast.  However, there aren’t any games that can give you the true-to-life experience of what it’s really like to be a parent; that’s where the free game Jostle Parent comes in. Jostle Parent is a browser-based game made by Pippin Barr, whose work has been chronicled on Rock Paper Shotgun and Unwinnable, in which you control a parent with a number of duties concerning your three small children who have minds of their own; you know, like MOST CHILDREN.

This Game About Being A Parent Is The Most Irritating Game I've Played

As Pippin writes in the game’s development notes:

I’ve got the basic idea – a game in which you are a parent taking care of your kids for the day, but in which the only action you can take is to “jostle”. It’s now called Jostle Mom/Dad (where the title for any given instantiation will choose one of those randomly), because it was dumb making it man-only. The game is very loosely meant to play on Octodad: Dadliest Catch, perhaps not in an actual satire way, but in working with similar concepts. I am taking it to a darker place I wish Octodad had gone with its story and interactions – it feels like an inherently tragic game to me. Thus, Jostle Mom/Dad will be a more explicit version of that tragedy – you’re a similarly limited person with similarly limited communication skills, but you still have to do this important job of protecting your family.

These little green, red and orange creatures are going to annoy and aggravate the living crap out of you in the multiple rooms throughout the virtual house, and — like many good parents — you will fear for their lives.

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