WWE Champion Seth Rollins Once Moonsaulted Off A Fan!

We all know Seth Rollins (real name Colby Lopez) as the former Mr. Money-In-The-Bank, as he cashed in his Money in the Bank contract to win the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 31. But how about his past, before he was in The Shield? How about BEFORE he was NXT Champion? Or before he was the Ring of Honor Champion? Back in the day (before signing with WWE), Rollins was known as Tyler Black, and in the video above, here he is leaping off a fan to attack current ROH star Matt Sydal (formerly known as Evan Bourne in WWE) with a moonsault!

It’s very likely that this footage is from an IWA Mid-South match in 2005. It appears that he goes down on his head, but that didn’t stop this from celebrating at the end of executing the maneuver. It’s great to see someone who’s been the moderate-yet-exciting daredevil of indy wrestling for a decade, and he’s now the top guy in WWE; THAT’S really freaking cool. I also think that I heard the voice of Chikara senior official Bryce Remsburg with the comment of “AND HE’S WITH CHILD” at the end of the video…

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