HUZZAH! GOG accepting old CD keys for Digital Games!

Are you one of those gamers (i.e. LIKE ME) who have a pile of old PC game discs cluttering up your home for use on an certain type of operating systems **cough** Windows 95 **cough** Windows XP **cough** they no longer use? Every now and then, I like to go back to one of those old games and not have to buy a new physical copy when the disk of THAT SAME GAME is right in front of me! Well, the good people at are working on a solution for us as their new Reclaim service allows gamers to input valid CD keys for physical games that we already own to redeem free digital copies. Plus, since it’s GOG we’re dealing with, these games have been updated to run on modern systems properly!

At this time, the service is very limited, supporting only half a dozen games in a handful of countries, but it’s without a doubt a great start. Pretty soon gamers all over the world can redeem any CD keys they have for System Shock 2, Doom 2, Wing Commander 4, Torin’s Passage and many more. And yes, those are some of the games that I personally own that I would LOVE to play again on my Windows 8.1 PC.

Good on Let’s hope this service continues to expand going forward.

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