How Smart Is Your Home? (courtesy of

Notorious smart homes like Tony Stark’s mansion in “Iron Man” and the futuristic 2063 abode in the cartoon series The Jetsons show off top-of-the-line home technology. These homes boast innovative, futuristic technology such as cordless vacuums, flat screen televisions and smartphone-controlled lighting. And, the best part is that all of these technologies are available today. But, if you’re looking for a personal hyper-intelligent assistant like Jarvis or Rosie the robot maid, you may have to wait until technology catches up a bit. For now, ditch your boring décor and opt for tech-savvy accessories instead. Read on after the break to find out how to bring your home into the 21st century.

Smartphone-Controlled Lighting

Remember the Clapper and its catchy jingle? Luckily, lighting technology has progressed since the ’80s. The Smart Home Automation Super Store offers a variety of home automation products that can be operated directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. For example, the Insteon Starter Kit lets you control the lighting in your home with a simple download of the Insteon for Hub app.

Take your device-controlled lighting to the next level with Phillips Hue. This bulb manufacturer combines LED lighting with innovative technology to allow you to control your home’s lighting and color. Users can select a color scheme via the app, such as a sunset or blue ocean, and the lights within the home will change to that exact color. This three-part system includes LED bulbs, the bridge that connects the app and bulbs and the app itself. Hue also can help make your home more secure because you can remotely turn on the lights in the evening to make it appear like you’re still home.

On-Demand Drapes

Modernize your home and decorate your windows with remote-operated window treatments. The Shade Store offers motorization on roller shades, draperies, roman styles and solar shades. The window treatments can be operated with a battery pack or through an electrical outlet. Installation is easy and it’s similar to the way an electrician would hardwire a flat screen television through the wall. If you opt for a battery-operated style, the battery will need to be changed every so often. But still, having access to natural light or complete darkness is pretty cool. This way you’ll never have to endure the glare of natural light during a gaming session or Netflix marathon again.

Easy Cleanup

Nobody likes to do chores. Instead of bringing out the bulky vacuum to clean up messes, purchase a cordless, self-operating vacuum like the iRobot Roomba. The Economist cites the Roomba as the world’s most popular robot, and it’s easy to see why. The Roomba 800 removes 50 percent more dust, dirt, hair and debris than traditional vacuums, it docks itself to recharge and it even alerts you when its bin needs to be emptied. The Roomba finds its way around with iAdapt technology in partner with a system of sensors and software. The Roomba covers every inch of your home, no matter your square footage. This way, chores have never been easier.

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