This. Is. ‘WrestleManiacs,’ the Archie & Friends WrestleMania Special…

Archie Friends WrestleManiacs

Let’s be honest here: WrestleMania 31 was pretty freaking awesome. While I feel that the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal should have been presented better and that entertaining four-way Tag Title match should have been on the main card, it was still a very pleasant watch. If you’re feel that something was missing in the build-up to WrestleMania 31, look no further than Archie & Friends: Wrestlemaniacs #1, which is currently available for digital download NOW.

Archie and Friends WrestleManiacs preview

This is essentially like an awesome Bazooka Joe comic about Ring Of Honor — of which I attended a TV taping this past Saturday – I may or may not be on TV acting like a mark at ringside for the next month of ROH TV shows. Here’s a short synopsis:

Get ready to RUMBLE! Archie and friends are laying a smackdown in this new digital exclusive! You’ll tap out with laughter as the gang jumps into the ring to tell some of our funniest wrestling stories. WHATCHA GONNA DO WHEN ARCHIEMANIA RUNS WILD?!

Comic Book Resources provided some preview images for the comic, so here you go. Apparently, Archie and the gang have been tapped to perform entrance themes at a huge wrestling event and things don’t go so well (because CONFLICT). If you look closely, you might be able to find Street Fighter character Zangief and a Native American guy (you may or may not be Native American Tatanka) dropping him with the Bad Luck Fall.

Archie & Friends WrestleManiacs preview comic

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