Nowadays, Even a USB Charger Can Be Converted Into a Linux Computer…

Convert a USB Charger Into a Linux Computer

HEY YOU! Are you in need a truly portable Linux computer? Then I have good news for you; head on over to NODE, and Chris Robinson will show how to build a Linux-powered computer from a USB charger. Then you’ll have your precious Linux computer for ultimate portability.  After setting up the whole sha-bang, you can set it up as a TOR relay, a media server, a personal VPN, or whatever else you want! HOORAY!!


Once your set-up is complete,just plug it into the wall and it’ll do whatever you want. The guts of the system are made from an ODROID-W development board, which is compatible with the Raspberry Pi and Raspbian. You basically need USB charger, a Wi-Fi adapter, a micro SD card, and a few extra materials to build the computer. While putting everything together isn’t too difficult, you’ll need to do some soldering, and since you’ll be working with electrical components, BE SURE TO FOLLOW Robinson’s guide CORRECTLY AND CLOSELY.

[Thanks NODE]

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