HEY GUYS! Here’s Hulk Hogan surprising Campers In 1985, Brother!!

QUESTION: Who wants to feel old and also realize how far pro wrestling today is from the ages of Rock & Wrestling of the 1980’s and the Attitude Era of the late-1990’s with massive pop culture appeal? Well, this is for YOU! Back in 1985, a fake Roddy Piper marched through a group of children for “Timber Lake Camp’s WrestleMania.” While the whole scenes just seems pretty innocuous, however, out Hulk Hogan, the Hulkster, the Real American himself, complete with is ripped Hulkamania shirt and his gold cross, with a hint of vague awareness of where he is. Needless to say, EVERY kid in this camp then proceeded to lose their freaking minds and go ape-wild! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Hulkamania!

That’s what makes this video so awesome; it shows all of Hogan’s classic and nostalgia soundbites and mannerisms (which are rarely presented outside the context of wrestling). Despite the failures of some offshoots like ‘Pastamania’ and arguably the so-bad-it’s-good cult classic ‘No Holds Barred’ (which is AWESOME), this still showcases as an example of Hogan being easily one of the most recognizable sports figures/entertainers of all-time. To a lot of us wrestling fans, he looms as a larger than life personality over our childhoods and adolescent years, whether we were one of his tiny Hulkamaniacs or despised him for joining the New World Order…or allegedly using his clout to ruin pushes for other wrestlers we loved (allegedly). Even with wrestlers still showing up in popular television shows and films is great and is still somewhat the norm, it’s nowhere as close to as awesome as when Hogan stands in front of a group of kids at some random camp in the middle of nowhere almost 30 years ago!

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