Check This ‘Before & After’ of a Tiny, Narrow Bedroom That Got Everything It Needed

While smaller bedrooms can be a challenge to accommodate as a living space, the GREATER challenge to overcome comes from the particular design obstacles from a bedroom that’s ALSO very narrow. This bedroom you’re looking at is a former maid’s room in a pre-war building and is only 5’7″ wide – for reference, that LESS than the length of a typical twin bed. So, what would a good and reasonable solution to such a dilemma? How about a loft area for sleeping leaving, leaving more-than-enough room for a workspace underneath AND ample storage for the young child’s toys, clothes and games. Casa Kids in Brooklyn took on this project, led by designer Roberto Gil, and all the custom-built furniture was placed flush to one wall, creating an easy flow and maximized the room’s open floor space.

Well, will you look at THAT!!  In the picture above (and the following ones), you’ll see that the under-bed workspace can accommodate two chairs if the child’s BFF is visiting.  Also, there are plenty of shelves for storage, including at the stairs – which offer a safe option for ascent and the incorporate storage drawers. The matching wardrobe in the corner stores clothes and shoes and takes advantage of the room’s height. You can check out more pictures of this room at Casa Kids, including their selection of bunk/loft beds, Murphy beds and other storage-minded children’s furnishings. Dang, I wish my childhood bedroom had THIS mush utilized space….

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