We ALL Need Some of Lucha Underground’s King Cueno in our Lives…

If you know nothing about King Cuerno from the Lucha Underground wrestling promotion, here’s the gist: he is a luchador and a master hunter. Here’s why:  — he creeps around The Temple as he stalks his prey, wears an entire deer’s SEVERED HEAD as a hat, and uses a maneuver called the ‘Arrow From The Depths Of Hell,’ which is one of the greatest inside-out dive in pro wrestling. It should also be pointed out that his casual attire is COWBOY FORMALWEAR that matches his ring gear. If you’re gonna do it, DO IT BIG. REAL BIG!

It’s safe to assume that the wrestling crown familiar with Lucha Underground — and that the promotion understands their audience better than any other wrestling business (I’m looking at you WWE and TNA; or Impact Wrestling, or WHATEVER you’re called), this exclusive clip features approximately two minutes of this week’s King Cuerno vs. Johnny Mundo/Nitro/Morrison cage match main event, which mostly shows Cuerno being a jerk and dragging Johnny’s face across metal. It’s wonderful, so check it out.

King Cuerno Street Clothes
NOT PICTURED: Severed Deer Head Hat
PICTURED: That Severed Deer Head Hat I was talking about…


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