In This Game, You’re Fighting Against Becoming Vaporware

We longtime gamers know how terrible and agonizing it is to keep waiting and waiting for a game that we’re so excited to play, only for it to become vaporware (hello there, Sonic X-Treme). Anyway, according to the new and currently in-development game called The Magic Circle, it turns out the characters inside these cancelled gaming worlds ALSO despise not knowing when and where they’re going to be released.

Games like Duke Nukem Forever and Daikatana at one time were feared to become vaporware (especially the former), and both became examples of gamers spending years of pining away for an anticipated game and building up widespread frustration for the players and the developers, alike. This is where this game The Magic Circle comes in, as it aims to put players in control of a hero of a game that might never come out. The crew at Kotaku interviewed the game’s lead creators Jordan Thomas and Stephen Alexander—who’ve worked on the BioShock games—at PAX East in Boston about The Magic Circle and their experiences on working on projects that never sees the light of day.

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