Watch These Photoshop Experts Try/Fail at Using Photoshop 1.0

Photoshop, the program that allows its users to crop, manipulate, and perfect pictures from less-than-stellar creations to creative masterpieces, recently celebrated its Twenty-Fifth birthday. So for the sake of educating the public on the history of such a great piece of software and for the LOLs, CreativeLive decided to provide such a great service.  The group asked a collection of current well-known Photoshop designers — Dave Cross, Jared Platt, Ben Willmore, Chris Orwig, Julieanne Kost, Aaron Nace, Tim Grey, Matt Kloskowski, and Jason Hoppe — to take a quick dive into the original Photoshop 1.0, and disastrous hilarity ensued.

At first, Photoshop 1.0 doesn’t LOOK that different from today’s Photoshop — except for the obvious old OS style; the tool bar is there on the left, and your canvas is front and center. However, after a few moments of messing around, it becomes obvious that you’re working with some HUGE shortcomings. First, there is no “auto preview,” so you’ll have to press an actual preview button to see your changes. Second, you precious layers—which are essentially the foundation of modern Photoshop—are NOT THERE! The video above shows all of the designers laugh off the experience, probably because they realized that they DON’T actually nor currently live in 1990.

[Thanks PetaPixel]

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