Check Out These Eco-Friendly, Sorta-Underground Homes in D.C.

Are you looking for a place to live (like me)? Are you currently looking into the Prince George’s County area in Maryland (NOT like me)? The this house might have you turning your head, and all for interesting design and eco-efficiency reasons. This home stands out from, well, just look at it; the house is partially constructed underground! The 3,300-square-foot home sitting on 1.3 acres of land in Clinton, Md. may LOOK like your average colonial brick design in the front, but if you look at the side and rear, you’ll see that the underground design provides a natural insulation that is eco-friendly. According to the home’s listing, utility bills will average you about $150 a month. Not bad…

The two-story home at 8305 Poplar Hill Drive was built back in 2006 is going for $425,000 (WAY over my budget; thank you Texas), and features three bedrooms — including a main level master suite, and two full bathrooms — and a detached two-car garage. The home was designed and built by Formworks Buildings Inc., who have been producing earth-sheltered green technology for homes for over 30 years. The company states on their website that owners of their homes routinely pay 90% LESS to heat and cool their homes than conventional homeowners. The listing from Keller Williams Select Realtors jokingly teases:

So what is it about this home that makes it so fantastic? Well, aside from the obvious fact that it’s probably your best chance to stay safe should we ever see a zombie apocalypse, just imagine how jealous friends and family would be when they find out you’ve just purchased the coolest home in Maryland!

[Thanks Fox 5 in Washington, D.C., and my aunt Michele McCrary for the news tip]

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