Yes, there was a Friday the 13th wrestler named ‘Jason the Terrible’…

Sweet. Baby, Jesus….

**UPDATE (4/15/2015)** Here is a first-hand experience of Jason the Terrible from Google+ user David Zak, who commented on this story:

“I use to go to stampede wrestling in Edmonton with my brother, and when Jason The Terrible came to the ring I would almost sh*t my pants. I was terrified of Jason, and i was just a kid then. Maybe that had something to do with me being terrified of him. I just wanted to share that with you.”

ORIGINAL STORY: Just…let that sink in….Okay? So, yeah. Jason the Terrible was the Friday the 13th wrestler and wrestled in a hockey mask, which probably shouldn’t have been legal (copyrights, trademarks, and all that jazz). It’s kinda hard to punch a guy wearing a protective mask, PLUS his finishing move was a flying headbutt WITH THE MASK ON. Jeez, I guess you could get away with ANYTHING in Canada outside of swerving a member of the Hart wrestling family. Maybe take a cue from the indy circuit and bring a fake, invisible and imaginary gun to the ring and shoot your opponents. It’s fine; make sure you apologize to them for fake shooting them afterwards.

Here’s our first look at Jason The Terrible (Karl Moffat) in a match against Mr. Hito. Pay close attention to how Hito sells Jason’s basic wrestling holds like he’s getting an arrow through the neck (NSFW and RIP Kevin Bacon’s character in the first Friday the 13th; #spoilers), and make sure you stick around for the expository promo at the end. “This is the ultimate, this is the ultimate wrestler here!”  Jason eventually came under the wing of some guy only known as THE ZODIAC (not that Brutus Beefcake in the WCW’s Dungeon of Doom crap, some other one). In the top picture of this post, ZODIAC “re-purposes” Jason from wrestler to an background prop for some of the trippiest, most unintentionally funny promos you’ll ever watch. It’s like the Plan 9 from Outer Space of wrestling promos.

After Moffat dropped the gimmick, a new Jason showed up in Puerto Rico named “Jason El Terrible,” and the character was taken to the deathmatch scene in Japan and Mexico, mostly working with other monster-themed guys — so yeah, it was exactly as awesome and eventually disappointing as you’d imagine it would be.  Plus, here’s Jason 2.0 in an “undertaker match” against Leatherface, who “looks like” Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Just….wow….. I’m surprised it wasn’t called a Copyright Infringement match…


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