Dude Uses Dog Shock Collar To Keep His Gaming Rage In Check


So here’s the deal, Martin “AmbossTV” Rabl has a habit of getting mad at FIFA 15. I’m talking REALLY mad. Perhaps a little too mad. I mean, I can understand this as I am too a gamer who suffers from the bout of flailing, wailing gamer rage every now-and-then. But Rabl feels that he’s found a solution by utilizing a shock collar; the same kind of device intended to keep dogs from barking by giving him a quick jolt when he starts raging out too loud. I can’t lie, it looks PRETTY uncomfortable.

However, there are still a few kinks to work out as the collar also shocks him when he laughs, meaning that the plan isn’t quite iron-clad. I suppose that if you have trouble containing your gamer rage, then this could be a way to help put things in perspective. In the grander scale of things, there are worse things than losing in a video game, like the experience of suffering a series of painful electric currents jolting all-and-around your skin tissue. #Perspective

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