For Under $500, Two College Students Built A Tiny House

Amy Andrews and Ethan Van Kooten built this tiny home almost entirely from scrap materials.Ladies and gentlemen, pull out your manilla folders and go ahead and file this story under the topic/category of “Inspirational Undertakings”. Two college students from Central College spent approximately 500 hours building this small, sustainable house in Iowa. They used any materials they could find and put to some sort of use, as well as receiving assistance of one father who knows his way around tools, and bought as little materials as possible during the building process.

This house is the senior project from Environmental Studies majors Amy Andrews and Ethan VanKooten, as they wanted to show that it was possible to build an environmentally sound home without spending much cash. They ended up having little choice as no grant money came through for their proposal, so they turned to salvaging and scavenging anything they could find and use.  The starting point was a 52-year-old granary shed built by VanKooten’s great-grandfather, which acted as the basis for the house. While advantages such as an existing electricity system and a wood burning stove for heat, the team weren’t able to afford either the composting toilet or the solar water heater they wanted.  Despite some of these setbacks, the students plan to add rain barrels to provide filtered water for the kitchen.

[Thanks Central College]

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