The John Cena Vs. Rusev rivalry, as Rocky IV’s ‘No Easy Way Out’ Montage

Ain’t the internet great?

It’s perfectly understandable to assume that the upcoming John Cena vs. Rusev feud would fail to evolve from a shallow and unoriginal story of unwarranted patriotism and name-calling a’la the near any fictional story worn during the Cold War (especially during the 1980’s), you have nothing to fear. Thankfully, some awesome individual decided to haphazardly stuff together a bunch of Cena and Rusev footage and re-do the ‘No Easy Way Out’ montage from Rocky IV (arguably the MOST American movie ever).

Seriously, whooda’thunk Zack Ryder would make such a perfect Apollo Creed in this scenario, AND the golden moment of seeing John Cena badly edited into the front seat of a car. Priceless. Also, here’s the original for comparison (with possibly the greatest song ever recorded more a sports montage):

Thank you, internet. Never change. Except the trolls; y’all can leave.

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