Convert AA Batteries Into C Batteries with Some Thin Cardboard Strips

Would you mind entertaining yourself with this scenario: you need of some C batteries for one of your tools, but OH NO you only have AA batteries at your disposal. WHAT DO YOU DO?!? Well, with a little cardboard or some thick paper, you can convert some AA batteries into temporary C batteries in no time. #HackThePlanet!! Not really, buy seriously, isn’t Hackers just HILARIOUS to watch now?

The truth is this: sometimes the tools, devices or toys you have require larger batteries than the far more common AA battery because they think they’re part of some exclusive club or something. It sucks since MOST devices only need AA or AAA batteries that we probably have sitting in a drawer somewhere.

YouTuber kipkay recommends this simple conversion if your flashlight needs some power and you happen to find yourself in a pinch. AA batteries are actually the same height and voltage as C batteries, so only thickness is the issue rather than the height. All you have to do is cut some thin cardboard or thick paper strips, then wrap them around the AAs to increase their combined circumference and it’s off to the races. However, the disadvantage is that AA batteries won’t last nearly as long as the C batteries, but it’s still better than nothing when you’re in a pinch.

Sometimes you just have to work with what you’ve got, right?

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