Brad Maddox’s YouTube Show Showcases A Superstar Needing A Good Push

Brad Maddox, the once-screwy referee turned Raw General Manager — and let’s not forget that he’s quite a talented wrestler — hasn’t been showcased much AT ALL on RAW, SmackDown, NXT, or ANYTHING for that matter, and it’s a shame. Despite that, he’s doing all he can to remain visible through a funny news show with an adorable child and that AWESOME promo he cut on the WWE App (yeah, the FREAKING WWE APP), it’s getting him anywhere. Maddox can’t wait for WWE’s creative team to do it, and unfortunately he can’t get all by his lonesome.

That’s essentially the topic of his new YouTube series, ‘This Show Brad Made.’ He also argues with himself as he plays Mario Kart. The show is funny, endearing and pretty much everything we wrestling fans love about Brad Maddox.  The point is, if you want to actually support someone and cause a grass roots movement that doesn’t involve Sign Guy getting a free shirt and ring time (ahem, #YesMovement, ahem), stop complaining with the rest of the internet wrestling community and just sit back, watch the show and ACTUALLY share it with people.

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