A House of Sliding Pergolas in Brazil

This is the Sliding Pergolas House by FGMF Arquitetos in Bauru, Brazil, and this 5,380 square foot structure’s most interesting feature is…well…you saw the animated GIF, so you KNOW what the house’s most interesting feature is!  The firm looked to their “Tic-Tac Residence” concept-house and the conventional features that value to the relationship between the built-object and the local site, per request of the husband-wife clients.  By dividing different sectors of the home in smaller volumes positioned in strategic places within the site, the house had become a patio home.

The purpose of this is the discussion between interior and exterior spaces: in walling the site and positioning the house in different places within it created positive tensions between the built structure and the void. As a result, the shift of perception becomes central to the design; a 1,830 sq. ft. residence receives the vastness of a 5,380 sq. ft. house. This feeling is intensified be the integration of the gardens with the interior spaces and the night-lit exterior walls showcasing the house’s horizon.

The volumes’ positions follow a pre-determined modulation pattern, with steel beams positioned along the pattern up to the external walls, where they rest. These beams serve multiple purposes, from bracing the structural pre-cast concrete walls, finishing of the gutters and steel coverings, and spatial organization of the different volumes that compose the whole.  The home’s steel roof is inserted on the beams’ web with ceiling space.

While the beams that cut the site hold structural functions, they also work as suspended rails for sliding pergolas and roofs that can be moved through the site following the residents’ wishes. This makes it possible to protect from rainfall or hot sunlight certain rooms/areas like the open-air dining/barbecue room, position eaves on the office’s roof, protect a master bedroom’s window with pergolas, add shade the solarium, and many more. The diverse methods of manipulatable shading system gives the home a mutant-like spatial characteristic, thus guaranteeing the structure as an much larger role in the day-to-day lives of the residents.

[Thanks ArchDaily]

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