Here’s The Macho Man Remix Of ‘Uptown Funk’ You’ve Been Waiting For!!

As of the final edit of this blog post, ‘Uptown Funk’ by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars is sitting at the top of the Billboard 100. I think I speak for most people with good taste in music that this song FREAKING RULES! Anyway, I felt that this song was missing something, something macho, something crazy and mad, something that I could really dig.  Well, in case the blog title didn’t spoil it already (and if it didn’t, PAY ATTENTION) that something is soon-to-be WWE Hall-of-Famer MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE.

Muchos Thanks to DJ Cummerbund via Reddit comes the likely-to-be (and my current front-runner for) song of the year, even though we’re only a month into 2015. ‘Uptown Funk (Macho Mix)’ is everything you love about the current song PLUS the addition of Randy Savage rapping. It’s wonderful and incredible, and I feel that we can enhance the lasting legacy of Savage’s rap album Be A Man by mixing him into everything. EVERYTHING. It worked for Skyrim. Anyway, enjoy the video, enjoy the song, and share this with EVERYONE (and I mean EVERYONE) you’ve ever met.

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