Frank Lloyd Wright’s ‘Taliesin West’ Reconstructed as the Largest LEGO® Model

© Andrew Pielage Photography

It appears that over here at The PractitioNERD, that we’re sorta-kinda on a Frank Lloyd Wright kick recently. Personally, I blame the notion of Wright being considered as the world’s greatest architect, aaannnnddd that the first/returning episode of Document’D was all about the man. But now it’s time to combine the recent infatuation with Wright’s work, and something else that this site is known for covering; LEGO!!!

© Andrew Pielage Photography


LEGO artist Adam Reed Tucker organized a team of kids to assist him to rebuild Taliesin West — one of the most visited Wright sites in the world — as the largest Frank Lloyd Wright-based LEGO structure in THE HISTORY OF EVERYTHING!!! Recently unveiled, the 8′ x 4′ model is made of more than 180,000 standard LEGO bricks. Tucker spent 40 hours researching and studying the project, another 120 hours designing the LEGO structure and YET ANOTHER 260 hours putting the final model together. For the uninitiated, Taliesin West, located in the Sonoran desert in Scottsdale, Arizona, was Wright’s winter home and the home of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture.

© Andrew Pielage Photography


The large LEGO model will be on display in the Pavilion at Taliesin West until the end of April 2015, and is actually the third Wright building in a series that Tucker will eventually exhibit on tour. So YOU WILL be able to view it should you be attending a tour of Taliesin West. Reservations for tours can be made by going to

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