Remember when Daniel Bryan joined the Wyatt Family? Yeah, Me Neither!

Daniel Bryan Joins the Wyatt Family

On the final Raw of 2013, Daniel Bryan did the unthinkable by joining the Wyatt Family. This came months after being ambushed and attached by the group and always falling short of victory.  In storyline, it made sense as Bray Wyatt is a manipulative mastermind and Bryan was at a mentally weak and existing time in his career. With Wyatt promising that they could take over the WWE together, it got plenty of people talking going into the new year…

…However, Bryan couldn’t go full-fledged heel. Sure, he teamed with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, sported similar attire to the Wyatts, but he didn’t do anything to establish himself as a villain.  Many fans (like myself) thought this would lead to Bryan turning on Wyatt in the Royal Rumble match and winning it for himself. Then they would have had their one-on-one match at Elimination Chamber right before Bryan contended for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXX, but the WWE thought otherwise.

After spending two weeks — TWO WEEKS — with the Wyatt Family, Bryan Broke Free left the stable on the January 13 edition of RAW. He ended the night leading a massive “Yes!” chant with the live crowd. According to (h/t Wrestling News Source), it was reported the original plan was for Bryan to remain a member of the Clan what Family through Elimination Chamber at the very least. However, the mainstream attention and phenomena of Bryan’s signature “Yes!” chant was getting was too popular and powerful to ignore.

But come to think of it, had Bryan not left the group so early, he may not have gotten his world championship shot at WrestleMania XXX after all.

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