Honest Trailers TRIES To Make Sense of the ‘Kingdom Hearts’ Series; Succeeds?…

The latest video from the crew over at Honest Trailers focuses on gaming’s favorite high-speed collision of universes — namely the Final Fantasy and Disney ones — , Kingdom Hearts. As with most Honest Trailers, the popular mash-up gaming series comes out a pile of twisted metal, all in effort to make SOME SENSE of its convoluted storyline. Geez, and I thought following the Metal Gear Solid timeline was a chore, and I’m a HUGE FAN of that series! It’s fair to say that the trailer brings a very good question light: where’s the heck is the Pixar universe?!?

In addition to that very legitimate complaint (and apparently I’m not the only one), Smosh Games took issue with Kingdom Hearts‘ madly, insanely confusing storyline and the series’ mind-boggling methods of naming characters. These topics range from (and are not limited to): which Ansem is the REAL Ansem? Exactly HOW many characters are ACTUALLY Xehanort? Who am I (as in the main character of whichever game in the series you’re playing)? Am I an actual person, or am I actually some nobody’s Nobody, or a somebody’s antibody? WHERE IS JIMMY HOFFA?!?!?

Of course, the whole thing is all about the LOLs and the laughs and the har-dee-har-hars, which comes with Honest Trailers’ typical wry grin, so don’t get into a hissy fit and get upset if you’re a big fan of the series (like my little sister, who thought this video was hilarious). I personal enjoy the games; and by ‘games,’ I mean I own more than one Kingdom Hearts game, meaning two; Kingdom Hearts on PS2 and KH: 358/2 Days (pronounced ‘Three-Five-Eight-Over-Two Days’, i.e., the DUMBEST TITLE EVAAAR) on DS. But come on Square, add a Toy Story world or some Wall-E characters, for PETE’S SAKE!

(See what I did there?)



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