Whoopsies! 176 lb. Concrete Slab Falls From Year-Old Zaha Hadid Library

© Roland Halbe

Insert Scooby-Doo impression: Ruh-Roh! That’s right, Scooby. On January 2nd of this year, a 176-pound chunk of concrete cladding has fallen from year-old Library and Learning Centre at the University of Economics Vienna, which opened its doors in October 2013. Hadid’s Library and Learning Center, clad in fiberglass-reinforced concrete, is the crown jewel of the Austrian business school’s new campus. Noted for the massive, angled black volume that cantilevers out over the main entrance, the building won the Royal Institute of British Architects’ European Award in 2014.

Icon image: Learning Center New WU Vienna

This is the second case of substantial pieces of concrete falling off the Library and Learning Center since the building opened. Last July, a piece of fiberglass-reinforced concrete crashed to the ground in front of the library entrance, an event later blamed on “assembly error” by the contractor, according to an English translation of the Austrian paper Kurier. Fortunately, no one was injured in either incident.

© Iwan Baan


Contractors are expected to investigate the cause of this latest incident and draw up a report later this week. The building remains open, though the main entrance and parts of the surrounding pedestrian pathway have been cordoned off.

[Thanks Die PresseFastCo Design]

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