A Little Child RKOs Randy Orton Outta NOWHERE (and other theories)!

We’re not sure of this video’s context (or even how old it is), but it’s Randy Orton being RKO’d by a little kid and we’re calling it a Christmas miracle.  This YouTube version clips off the very beginning with Orton explaining to the kid that he’s gotta do the theatrics, and basically this is 10 seconds (ON LOOP) dedicated to making Randy Orton your favorite wrestler.

Also, just in case you missed the Rose Bowl, Oregon absolutely gutted Florida State, ending a 29-game winning streak in a 59-20 blowout. I mean COME ON; even the Undertaker didn’t get beaten THAT badly by Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XXX. The highlight of that “game” was that ridiculous gaffe from Jameis Winston (which before this Vine, I couldn’t watch this WITHOUT whistling the Benny Hill music), who tried to avoid a tackle by LIMBO FUMBLING. Today, thanks to Vine, we know the reason why. The reason from outta nowhere.

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