And now, a House of No Seasons…

© José Hévia

The purpose behind the Seasonless House was to have clients design their climate to increase their domesticity.  The home combines a unique form of urban planning taking place in Vinaroz and other nearby cities along the coast of Castellón. The city developed a compact and suitable form of urban planning, based simultaneously on the temporality of the two main local seasons of the calendar year.  The Seasonless House disassociates itself from that way of living to create its own environment, domestic, adaptable and resilient for all seasons of the year.  This method turns it into a building that creates a personal climate, individual to each inhabitant. It becomes a house without exterior, as everything external is also internal. All that is internal is external. My land is your land. Your land is my land, something, something, something…

© José Hévia

This was done by not only designing a personal climate though the different elemental systems of appropriation of air, light or radiation extensions; but also to the domestic, public, and intimate habits of the house in relation to all the agents that occupy it on a temporal basis with greater or lesser intensity.  Its practices are inhabited and not the house, which serves only as a device in continuity with the global habits of its inhabitant that could possibly reproduce other climates contradicting the existing ones in Vinaroz.

© José Hévia


The seasonless house is also a house without a place, a Mediterranean styled device. White, efficient for climate and solar radiation reasons is also efficient as a singular element of the roaming nature of its inhabitant. Its execution: a standardised and modulated construction system, personalised for specific needs in this house.  Built from the inside out, with double walls made from cellular polycarbonate, simple filters of undulated polycarbonate, interlocked metallic tiles, different glasses according to the contiguity of the climate on either of its sides. The agro-textiles dissipate or accumulate the radiation.  An open and closed house at the same time. That transpires where it appears closed and is hermetic where it appears open.

© José Hévia


[Thanks ArchDaily]

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