Fans Spent Six Years Making This Mega Man Game

Fans Spent Six Years Making This Mega Man GameMega Man fans aren’t just hardcore (Mega Man 3 FOR THE WIN), we are quite the dedicated bunch. What’s that? You want me to give you an example as to WHY?  Well, how about this awesome fan game that two (count ’em, TWO) people have been working on since 2008.  The game is called Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen (and I know what you’re thinking; it’s NOT a Transformers reference). The subtitle is actually a reference to the game’s story, which involves the Robot Masters being revived by the evil (or misunderstood?) Dr. Wily, and they’re out looking for revenge on the Blue Bomber. Naturally (because VIDEO GAMES), it’s your job to stop them.

By them, of course I mean the Robot Masters; plus there’s lot of them.  According to the developing two-some, the game features: 20 challenging levels, 21 tank pieces to collect, 10 upgrades to find, 1 hidden level, Boss Rush Mode, tons of alternating and branching paths per level giving you full freedom how to best tackle any one level, and 3 Bounty Hunters who pop in randomly throughout the 10 Robot Master stages. The latter inclusion grants you the responsibility to finish them off right then and there or you’ll be forced to face them AGAIN in the final stages where they will be more difficult to defeat!

Judging from footage, the game looks devilishly difficult. So as a Mega Man game, it’s perfect!  You can download the game for free here.

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