The WORST Possible Loadouts To Use While Playing Team Fortress 2

The reason us gamers look for and develop video game strategies is that it’s a way to help us succeed and win that game we’re playing. There’ nothing wrong with that, right? However, what if you just wanted to find the most interesting and spectacular methods in order to achieve glorious gaming failure? YouTuber Muselk has a series of videos for you.  In an ongoing series of videos, he selects the worst possible weapons for each class in Team Fortress 2 and then plays matches with them. Just as you might expect from the simple explanation alone, the results are rarely pretty. For example, the video above has the Pyro with an bad flamethrower and a gun that takes advantage of water in a multiplayer map that has NO, ZERO, ZIP, ZILCH water. Let’s just say failure was successful.

For another example, here we have the usually-crafty Demoman being played as some sort of terrible, flying sword wizard-guy-thingy. Admittedly, the loadout work for a little bit in some places, mainly due to the confusion from other players.  It was less “deer-in-the-headlights” and more bewilderment of the situation as they were about to be taken down by a single, person-sized meteorite and asking “WTF”, “what is that”, and “why.”

Next is the flying Scout, also with a terrible loadout that actually worked for a little bit, in large part because he was actually able to maneuver around. However, he was only able to deal out very little damage, but at the price of the experience of roaming through a TF2 map like a freaking greased pterodactyl, I’d say this loadout has some perks.

And this Spy loadout actually ended up being pretty good…

But at the core of it all, it’s fun that this intentional comedy of being awful just got countered by unintentionally turning out pretty successful. At best, it showcases that the design of Team Fortress‘ insane weapons arsenal that strange, inane and outside-the-box loadouts can still work somewhat decently under certain circumstances.

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