Ever Thought: ‘How Talented are the Mortal Kombat doctors…’?

I’ve been playing the Mortal Kombat games for well over 20 years now, and among all the times I’ve caused my opponents to spill gallons of blood, ripped out a fighter’s head and spine as Sub-Zero (my favorite character, or “Kombatant”), or set my adversary ablaze as Scorpion, they just keep on coming back for another round for kombat (intention misspell because “combat” is lame; “KOMBAT” is where it’s at). Also fascinated on this aspect of the fighting game series, the guys over at The Warp Zone produced a video to provide us with a look at the men behind the fighters’ de-mutilation for future and upcoming bouts.

For the uninitiated, The Warp Zone are a nerdy sketch comedy, gaming, and music video-creating bunch brought to us by five loveable dudes: Davis, Schroeder, Ryan, Fish, and Odom.  After viewing the video above, you would have to consider that in a less violent fighting game like Street Fighter, it would be easier to imagine Ryu or Ken heading off to the sidelines for a few of days to lick their wounds. Maybe even take a day off to the spa. However, no bed rest or spa day can replace a ripped out spine courtesy of Sub-Zero.  Because science.  But then again, maybe so; because video games.

Did I mention Sub-Zero is my FAVORITE?!?!

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