Have ChooseMyPC Generate a PC Build within Your Budget!

ChooseMyPC Generates a Sample PC Build in Your BudgetWhen you’re building your PC for the very first time, it can be an overwhelming experience; mainly due to the wide variety of different components to choose from. Thankfully, to ease some of that confusion, the website ChooseMyPC can provide you a nice starting point by asking you a few questions, including whether or not you want to overclock, add a component drive, which operating system you wish to use, and what your project budget is.

The ChooseMyPC website is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is give it your budget, answer a few short questions, and it’ll generate in the results a sample PC build. The site allows you to hover over each component to see why the survey site chose that one, you can also edit certain components (such as hard drives), or remove components that you wish to choose yourself (such as the case). Plus, the site will supply you with a link to your build on PCPartPicker.

The beauty of building your own PC is selecting the parts that perfectly to fit your needs. ChooseMyPC is a great starting point, but I’d recommend using additional sources in your research, because you — and only YOU — know what your needs are, as the sample build that ChooseMyPC gives you may not be right for you. However, it make a great starting point and may help calm the typical overwhelming process of building your own custom PC from scratch.

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