UPROXX Reflects on WWF Forceable Entry, 12 Years Later…

WWF Forceable Entry review

Of course, one of the trademarks of professional wrestling since the 1980’s has been music, primarily entrance music for the wrestlers.  From the early days of the WWF Wrestling Album in 198_ to the digital singles released today, we wrestling fans have been able to enjoy pumping up and jamming out to these tunes. Plus, we’d often imagining that WE ourselves are the wrestlers, walking down the ramp and jumping into the squared-circle (I’m POSITIVE that I’m not alone in this…).  UPROXX took a trip down memory lane to the year of 2002, when the World Wrestling Federation released an compilation album that combined rock/nü metal/rapcore talent (some may use that term loosely), entitled ‘WWF Forceable Entry’, and reflected in an interesting post-mortem 12 years after the album’s release.

This is arguably, the BEST song on the whole album: “Glass Shatters” by Disturbed. And THAT’S the bottom line…

WWF Forceable Entry features mostly rock bands (ranging from Cyprus Hill, Drowning Pool, Rob Zombie, Creed, Finger Eleven, Our Lady Peace, Limp Bizkit, etc.) performing alternate versions of each wrestlers entrance music. The album was the first album the WWF/WWE released under a deal with Columbia Records, and even had a sequel released in May 2006, titled ‘WWE Reckless Intent’. Speaking (slightly) of the name change, the album was re-released in February/March of 2009, EXCLUSIVELY at K-Mart, with the new WWE logo as part of commemorating WrestleMania 25. The album proved to be a success for the WWE, reaching as high as the #3 position on the Billboard 200.

Shout-out to the hometown San Antonio band, The Union Underground with the old RAW theme, “Across The Nation”!

Head on over the UPROXX link below to read their hilarious (yet pretty honest) evaluation on every track on the album.

[Thanks UPROXX]

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