Want A Custom-Made Portable PS4? It’ll Cost Ya’ $1,400!

Here's a Custom-Made $1,400 Portable PS4Howdy, hey there and HELLO! Do you encounter the problem of lugging around your PlayStation 4 and your big-screen television around for gaming-on-the-go and you don’t have a portable system?  Do you wish that you could just more convenient transport you PS4 and flat screen with little-to-no difficulty?  Since the PlayStation 4 is early in its initial release’s design and my be far from the size of the PSone (which DOES have a portable LCD screen, which I CURRENTLY purchased; SCORE), that device my not come to the PS4 soon (save for the HORI device), UNLESS you don’t mind lugging around this nice portable PS4. But it’s gonna cost ya’…

Before we get to the price, this custom device is called the PlayBook 4, and it comes from self-taught engineer Ed Zarick, who previously did a similar portable version of the Xbox One. As Kotaku UK and Eurogamer point out, the portable console is housed in a 3D-printed plastic case with a 22-inch 1080p display.  The PlayBook 4 looks large and bulky, but now that we have laptops with big screens, this concept doesn’t seem THAT unruly, though the PlayBook 4 is STILL fairly large. Now, le’s get to the price tag; if you “need” a portable PS4, this option will set you back $1,395 (and if you want HDMI out, that will be another $50, and shipping within the U.S. is ANOTHER $50). Now if you’re looking for a deal, you can provide the PS4 and get the PlayBook 4 for $1,095, and they’re all available in black with blue accents as well as in white with black accents.

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