So Here’s ‘Final Fantasy XV’…as a PSone Game?!?

Final Fantasy XV... As A PlayStation 1 Game

If you’re one of those Final Fantasy fans — like myself — who strongly believed the series peaked with VII and felt that the series had been on a steep decline ever since — personally, IX has been my favorite, and really the only polarizing game in the series since VII has to be XIII; or the blatant pay-to-win rip-off  ‘All The Bravest” on iOS… –then you are going to get a kick out of this.  Freelance animator Mark Jenkins re-imagined the upcoming Final Fantasy XV as a PlayStation 1 game, and the results he chronicled on his Tumblr, are just wonderful. If you can, take yourself back to the mid-to-late 1990’s, and imagine taking that weekly trip to Blockbuster Video or Hollywood Video and you feast your eyes on this wonderful piece of goodness (after the break):

Final Fantasy XV... As A PlayStation 1 Game

Then, as soon as you got home, you’d take out the disc, pop it into your PlayStation, and you see this as the opening cinematic: Final Fantasy XV... As A PlayStation 1 Game

Final Fantasy XV... As A PlayStation 1 Game

Beautiful, just BEAUTIFUL.  I recall a WHOLE LOT of people wanting an HD remake of Final Fantasy VII (after the now-infamous CG concept trailer at Sony’s E3 keynote a several years ago), so on a similar note, I hope that one day I might be able to experience Noctis and crew of traveling buddies take a trip back in time so they look like these lovely pieces of large polygons! But if you want to play around with the final render, Jenkins published the render, so HAVE AT IT!

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