The Videogame History Museum is in Frisco, Texas?!? Yay!

I suppose it’s time for us gamers in South Texas to start making a pilgrimage to the Videogame History Museum.  What’s nice is that we won’t have to travel TOO far, but at this time most of its collection is in storage, and what we’ve been able to see concerning it was on cross-country tours at various gaming conferences and conventions. But in the near future, there will be a permanent public display, as the Frisco, Texas community board has approved a deal to give the Museum a 10,400 square foot location (roughly a bit larger than a baseball diamond) inside the city’s Discovery Center by this April, and then we retro gaming nerds can easily revisit some of the classic games and consoles that defined our childhood.

What’s so great about this is that the current venue is only the beginning of this endeavor, because after the museum’s launch, the founders are hoping to raise enough money and funds from corporate sponsors to get a much larger location. Now, as a Texan, I have the responsibility to inform you that Frisco isn’t the easiest place to reach UNLESS you happen to live in the Dallas area.  However, for us Texans, this definitely beats hoping and pleading that the current travelling exhibit would someday come to your town. Also, we are still VERY EXCITED that San Antonio is the home of the brand new PAX South!

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